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Our Beliefs

We believe in comprehensive financial planning provided in an objective, fee-based environment.  Our purpose is to determine what is important to you about money and to integrate your actions with your desires.  Our expectation is to build a meaningful relationship over your entire financial lifetime.

We believe:

  • Comprehensive financial planning involves more than just dollars and cents. True wealth encompasses all of your resources - financial, physical and emotional.
  • Plans that are not implemented are not worth the paper they are printed on.  For a plan to have true value, it must not only be implemented, but regularly monitored and adjusted as your needs change during your lifetime.
  • A comprehensive financial plan integrates the five major areas of financial planning - Asset Protection (insurance), Disability and Income Planning,  Debt Management,  Asset Management and Estate Management.
  • Market timing is an exercise in futility. You always have to be right twice: when you Buy and when you Sell.  A properly allocated portfolio*, balancing your need for returns and your tolerance for risk, and adjusted regularly over your lifetime to reflect your current circumstances, is your best chance to provide the returns you need. We want you to Eat well while still Sleeping well.
  • The plan we develop together requires effort on both our parts.  We will often ask for your help in gathering information, or talking with your other advisors that may have this information.
  • THIS SHOULD BE FUN!!  While we take your financial well being very seriously, our meetings should be positive and energetic, not boring, intimidating or confusing.  These are your values, dreams and goals.  Achieving them should be exciting and fun.
  • Open and honest communication.  At times we may have to tell you things you don't want to hear and we expect you to be honest with us if something is on your mind.  Only by candid, two-way communication can we help you to achieve your goals.

*Asset allocation or diversification do not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.